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How to unlock your Apple IPad 2 - Using the unlocking codes


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Example image of Apple IPad 2
IPad 2

Help & How ?

What is needed?

To unlock your IPad 2 from it's current network you need an 'unlocking code' that is unique to your mobile.

On correctly entering this code your phone will be unrestricted and allow you to use any mobile network in any country.

We can supply you with this unlocking code, for more info, please click the green 'Order ...' bar to the right to reveal the list of networks.

How to enter the unlock code.

We aim to provide accurate instructions with every unlocking code and continually review them for accuracy.Please bare in mind, some menus you need to access were originally intended for phone engineers, hence they may seem a little strange.

Please have a look at our FAQ's for more help & see just some of the benefits to unlocking your mobile.

Please read these instructions thoroughly before you try to enter the unlock code.

There maybe more than one option available to unlock your IPad 2 and on some occasions you may need to enter more than one code.

Unlocking instructions

Order Network Unlocking Now - Click Here
Below is a list of United Kingdom networks we can unlock your Apple IPad 2 from.
To order your network unlock online now, click the link next to the appropriate mobile network your
phone is currently locked to.
Sorry, we do not currently have any unlocking services available for the IPad 2 in United Kingdom.
Please accept our sincere apologies, however we are adding to the range all the time.
But one of the below might be of use to you

Apple IPad 2

How to Complete the unlocking process for Apple iPhone Models

Apple iPhone Unlocking Method

With iPhone Unlocking you do not receive a code like other mobile phones.

What actually happens is we unlock your IMEI number in the Apple Database for you.

Once this has been completed, you will be notified by email that the process has completed.

When you receive this email, please do the following below to complete the unlock.

1. Install the latest version of iTunes
2. Make sure iPhone is using the latest version, updated by the official itunes software
3. Insert a non accepted SIM card and Connect the iPhone to iTunes (IE not from the original network provider)
4. Wait until itunes detects the phone
5. After about 10-20 seconds, disconnect phone and reconnect.
6. Finally itunes will show the message 'Congratulations Your iPhone is Unlocked'

PLEASE NOTE: This is the only permanent unlocking solution for Apple iPhone. Your iPhone will always be unlocked even after updating your iPhone firmware.