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How to unlock your Nokia 5233 - Using the unlocking codes


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Example image of Nokia 5233

Help & How ?

What is needed?

To unlock your 5233 from it's current network you need an 'unlocking code' that is unique to your mobile.

On correctly entering this code your phone will be unrestricted and allow you to use any mobile network in any country.

We can supply you with this unlocking code, for more info, please click the green 'Order ...' bar to the right to reveal the list of networks.

How to enter the unlock code.

We aim to provide accurate instructions with every unlocking code and continually review them for accuracy.Please bare in mind, some menus you need to access were originally intended for phone engineers, hence they may seem a little strange.

Please have a look at our FAQ's for more help & see just some of the benefits to unlocking your mobile.

Please read these instructions thoroughly before you try to enter the unlock code.

There maybe more than one option available to unlock your 5233 and on some occasions you may need to enter more than one code.

Unlocking instructions

Order Network Unlocking Now - Click Here
Below is a list of United Kingdom networks we can unlock your Nokia 5233 from.
To order your network unlock online now, click the link next to the appropriate mobile network your
phone is currently locked to.
  Networks  Price  Approx Delivery  
   Unlock Nokia 5233 from O2$40.947 daysOrder  
   Unlock Nokia 5233 from Orange$38.2210 daysOrder  
   Unlock Nokia 5233 from Vodafone$32.945 daysOrder  

Nokia 5233

Nokia Cable Unlocking Service

Nokia Cable Unlocking Service

1. Download the Nokia Unlock Server Software and USB Drivers

- Nokia USB Cable Drivers - Install these first or your PC will not see your phone.
- Nokia Unlock Server Software - This is to unlock your phone.

NOTE: The unlocking software is 'THEMIDIA PROTECTED' and may be blocked by your antivirus as a threat, but please don't worry the software is perfectly safe. Simply disable your anti virus and re-download again, or restore from antivirus quarantine.

2. Check the Nokia Drivers Are Installed

- Remove sim and memory cards from phone.
- Turn your phone on and Connect it to PC using a standard USB.
- If prompted, make sure you select PC Suite or Ovi Suite on your phone.
- Let windows install all driver automatically

3. Unlocking your Nokia

- Enter your username and password from the email you received from us after your purchase into the server software.
- Simply click the [Phones] button
- Choose your phone and click the [Connect] button
- After the hash has been read, hash will be send for bruteforcing automatically
- To view your current bruteforce queue and latest bruteforced phones, click [Jobs]
- When the bruteforcing finished, you can again click [Phones] button
- Connect your phone, and now the [Connect] button resets the NCK counters and writes the level 7 NCK for permanently unlocking the phone


In the unlikely event your phone hangs during the unlocking process above, the chances are it's a particular chipset and it may need a 'nudge' to get it to continue. If this is the case and at that stage, please do the following:

- Disconnect the cable
- Remove the battery
- Reconnect the cable
- Put the battery back in
- Turn on the phone ( It may auto power on after inserting the battery )

Please note: When you do this, windows might want to install drivers, if so, please let it complete before starting the process again.

Please note: this software only works on Windows computers