Reseller & Trade Account

Opening and setting up Resellers Trade Account has never been easier. Once you have opened your new account, you will have access to a comprehensive user interface from where you can configure many parts of your new on-line business. The simple 'Getting Started' guide will quickly have you up, running & unlocking phones in minutes!
Features Description Cost
• Huge range of supported Models & Networks

Select from 11,000+ Models using over 900 Networks.Free
• Online Unlocking

Unlock your mobile phones online without the need for specialised equipment.Free
• Automated Shop Front

The Shop Front unlocking service is completely automated from order to sending the client the codes and instructions.Free
• Multi Currency   £ $ € ¥ ...

Buy & Sell unlocking codes and services in virtually any currency.Free
• Bulk code submissions

Unlock many phones at once using our Bulk upload service. Simply upload your IMEI list and select your models and networks. Attach clients names to the codes and send when readyFree
• Automatic Service selection

The system will automatically select the most appropriate Service to use when unlocking a phone, based on the cheapest price and compatibility. No need to select from lists of services.Free
• Automatic Resubmission

Many models have more than one service available to provide a code. When more than one service exists and the first service doesn't return a code the system will automatically resubmit the order using the other options. (Assuming the price is the same or lower).Free
• Manual Overide

If you have you're own unlocking service for a particular Brand you can override our services and unlock them manually. Still allowing the system to collect payments and deliver the codes to your clients.Free
• Site Editor & Interface

Add the unlocking service to your existing website by using our simple unlocking interface.Free
• Customer Services Tools

Stay in touch with your customers with some simple but intelligent tools:
  1. View & Reply to customer emails online
  2. Automatic order lookup from customer email - When the email arrives, we'll locate the order from the customers email
  3. Customer Service Control Panel
  4. Setup Customer Service Agents
  5. POP & SMTP Email - Send and receive emails on your behalf so it looks as if it's coming from you
  6. Standard replies to save time for commonly ask questions. (EG Please send us your IMEI ? etc )
  7. Send Emails to one or all of your clients in one go.
  8. Voice-mail & Unique Telephone numbers available on request
• Stats Reports

A Comprehensive list of reports are available. From tracking your pending and completed orders to your payment options logs.Free
• Code History Reports

View a complete history of codes generated and sent to your clients.Free
• Delivery Options

Unlocking Codes can be delivered by either email or SMS text message.Free
• Configurable templates

Customise your email and SMS templates to suit your company or brand.Free
• Custom Branding

Customise the administration panel with your own Logo.Free
• Payment Options

Unlocking Codes can be paid for by either PayPal, Google Checkout or Credit Cards.Free
• Payment Protection

We take this very seriously. We have purpose built payment protection plans to help protect you against fraudulent activity and chargebacks.Free
• Rates & Prices

Set your own shop front selling rates. All rates are editable and we have some bulk edit tools for quick changes.Free
• Sub Accounts

Allow other resellers to sign-up to your account and sell on your behalf. They will also be able to customise the system to suit themFree
• Mobile Admin - Unlocking on the move

Use the unlocking services from your mobile.
  1. Submit Codes from anywhere
  2. View processing Status
  3. View Codes and Instructions
  4. Send Codes to anyone by Email/SMS or IM
• Unlocking Instructions

You'll have access to the complete list of unlocking instructions which we are continuously improving.Free
• Getting Started Guide

The getting started page will show you what settings need to be made before you can start selling. We've also highlighted a few pages that are worth looking at before you get going.Free
* All optional features can be purchased at time of sign up.
Features Description Cost
• Google AdWords / Analytics & SEO

This feature enables the following tools to help you improve your advertising conversions:
  • Google AdWords - Integrate with your AdWords account and track every pages activity.
  • Google Analytics - Understand your shopping cart conversions by allowing us to integrate with your Analytics account
  • SEO - Enables the SEO META feature.
£5.00 (Yearly)
• Google Translation

Google Translation - This feature enables Google Translation of your entire web site:
  • Seamless integration - You wont know it's there unless your browser is in a different language
  • Translate to to almost any language worldwide
  • Improve the reach of your website by making it available to virtually the whole planet
  • Translate Customer Services emails and respond in any language.
£5.00 (Yearly)
• Service Creator

Service Creator - Need more flexible options? Now you can create your own unlocking services. Configure as many unlocking services as you need, you can override our systems or mix the them together as an alternative or backup.£10.00
• Shop Front Templates

This feature enables all your Shop Front WebSite Templates, which includes:
  • Choose from 4 pre-built websites with all the features of the unlocking interface installed.
  • Select from 7 different colour schemes in one click
  • Two higher quality pre-built websites, again with all the features of the unlocking interface installed and ready to go.
£5.00 (Yearly)
• Web Hosting Package

If you prefer, you can host your Shop Front or any other of your sites using our web hosting package. This includes:
  • Your Shot Front configured and ready to go
  • 100 MB Web Hosting Space
  • Control Panel Login
  • Hosting FREE Extra Features (Create) :
    • Forum
    • E-Commerce Shopping Cart
    • Content Management Systems (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal)
    • Photo Gallery
    • Guestbook
    • Web Surveys
    • Hit Counter
    • And more ...
(If you don't have a domain yet we recommend using )
£10.00 (Monthly)
* All optional features can be purchased at time of sign up.