Common questions about mobile unlocking.

Unlocking a mobile phone is simply removing it's SIM card restrictions, allowing the phone to use virtually any SIM card from any network in the world. This is turn has these benefits:

  1. Increased value. Most unlocked mobiles will sell for more as the person who's buying it isn't restricted to the network your phone was on.
  2. Freedom Abroad. Instead of paying expensive roaming charges from you home network provider, why not buy a local pay as you go SIM card and pay much less per minute! (Check rates before hand!)
  3. Change Network. If you like your mobile and don't want to change it just yet or just have an old phone in the drawer you'd like to use again. Unlock it to swap networks!

Your mobiles IMEI is normally a 15 digit number, often printed on the back of the phone behind the battery.

However, most phones will display the IMEI if you type * # 0 6 # into the phone.

The Unlocking prices vary per model & depending which country and network you're using. Alas, it would not be practical to print a complete list. (It would be too long & complicated!)

You get the unlocking price once you've selected a Model and Network.

We're adding to our model & network range all the time, please send us the make, model and network it's locked to using our contact form and we'll let you know immediately.

No, Unlocking is done remotely, we'll calculate a special unlocking code and send it to you along with some instructions.

No, not all, but most are. We do have alternative unlocking services that do not use an unlocking code, we usually call them a 'Unlock by Cable' service. This will be highlighted in red when you make a selection.

No, unlocking your mobile phone is completely legal. However, confusion can arise between the terms 'unlocking' and 'unblocking', which mean two different things.

Detailed instructions about how to unlock your mobile will be sent to you once payment is complete. We also have a 'Unlocking Instructions' section here.

Unlocking codes that are are instant are usually calculated in-house. Others we source elsewhere & and these are the ones that take a few days. Please be patient, we will notify you when the codes are ready, even if we're unsuccessful.

Alas no, we'd love to be able to send them all instantly. The codes, 99% of the time, arrive no later than stated when you buy them. If it says between 1-3 days, then it could be 5 minutes or up to 3 days. Please be patient, it'll be worth it!. We're sure it's still quicker than asking your network to do it!

In 99.9% of cases you will not loose your personal information, however, customers are strongly advised to make sure that their 'Contacts', 'Messages' and any other important data is properly backed up to a secure location prior to attempting any unlocking procedure.

Yes. The unlocking codes we provide are professionally sourced or calculated & NOT produced by some random number generator!

If you have tried an unlocking code from another website and it didn't work, you may have inadvertently blocked your phone from being unlocked. Our service more than likely wont be able to help you. Please email us just in case.

Typically, when you insert a SIM card from another network into your phone, you'll see one of the following messages. If so, then your phone is locked to your current network.

  1. Enter Subsidy Code
  2. Enter Subsidy Password
  3. Enter SIM Unlock Code (SIM Lock)
  4. Contact Service Provider
  5. Insert Correct SIM Card
  6. Wrong SIM Card
  7. Incorrect SIM Card
  8. Phone Restricted
  9. Can't Undo Restriction
  10. Locked Return For Service
  11. Enter Unlock Code
  12. Enter Special Code

Use our unlock services for a quick and simple solution.

If in the unlikely event we are unable to send you an unlocking code for your device then we will issue a full 'no quibble' refund. In fact you will be give a button in your email (or the status page) offering the refund. However if we do provide an unlocking code and you have difficulty using it, please contact us for assistance as many problems can be solved by email.

No, the unlock will not alter anything like Contact list, SMS messages, emails, bookmarks, ringtones, etc etc. It just removes the SIM's restrictions.

Yes, the system can upload 100 unlock requests in one go! If you have more than 15-20, please contact us for a bulk deal.

No, unfortunately not. From many years experience we do try to exclude the phones we cannot unlock, however there is always the exception to the rule. One common issue is some phones ( typically US ) that don't use SIM cards, these phones usually cannot be unlocked. A quick Google will normally reveal any common problems.

What is a PUK code? If you see this message, it means your phone is asking for a 'Personal Unlocking Key'. This is a mobile phone security that protects your SIM. PUK codes are usually needed after a SIM Card PIN has been entered incorrectly too many times. You can normally get this from your network provider.

Unfortunately this is not something we can provide, but once you've entered the PUK, you will be able to use your unlocking code.

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