Unlocking the RIM BlackBerry 8800

How to enter the Unlocking Code for a Blackberry RIM 8800

General Information about the codes

When you receive your code it will be in one of two formats (depending on your model)

1: A single string of 4 or 5 long numbers or
2: Again a string of numbers, but with some identifying letters between them (EG MEP/NCK etc)

If you receive format 1, then these are simply 4 or 5 codes that need to be tried. (So when you are asked to enter the unlocking code, you need to try each one, starting with the 1st).

If you receive format 2, then please refer to the table below for your code.

Here's an example of how your code will break down:

IMEI: 358678034369xxx n/a
SIM Code: 6222343501466xxx MEP1
NCK Code: 7560039679046xxx MEP2
Subset Code: 003211566752xxx MEP3
Prov Code: 8267812688272xxx MEP4
Corp Code: 3853451231190xxx MEP5

Note: BlackBerry in 90% of countries will only require the MEP2 code
We suggest you copy codes to a notepad and enter them very carefully.

Model: Blackberry RIM 8800

Note: You must have a SIM card in the phone, it can be as active or inactive SIM.
1. Go to Settings in the menu
2. Select Options
3. Select Advanced Options
4. Select SIM card
4. Next, hold down the Alt key while typing 'MEPE' or 'MEPD' or 'MEPPE' or 'MEPPD' ( It's not case sensitive and you will not see the text appear on the screen while typing)
5. You will then see 'Enter Network MEP Code'
6. Finally, type the unlock provided and press the trackball to confirm
7. Your RIM 8800 is now unlocked

IMPORTANT: Please make sure the wireless mode is turned off before attempting to unlock your Blackberry phone

BlackBerry 8800

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