Unlocking the HP iPAQ Glisten

How to enter the Unlocking Code for an HP Model phone

This model has a Cable option or Code option.

Option 1 - HP Models

1. Insert a not accepted SIM Card and switch on your HP phone
2. Wait approx. 30 seconds until the 'SimLock' menu appears (Note: this delay may be longer if previous unsuccessful unlock attempts have been tried)
3. When prompted, Enter the Unlocking code in the blank input field
4. Press Ok
5. If the Unlock CODE is successful , a dialog will appear
6. Press Ok
7. Your HP will now be unlocked

Note: If a code is unsuccessful, you will see a message to this affect and will need to re-enter code. However as mentioned, the delay maybe a little longer

Option 2 - HP Models

1. Insert a not accepted SIM Card and switch on your HP phone
2. On the 'Today' screen, Press Start -> Settings
3. Press the phone 'Band' icon
4. Press the keyboard icon to open the virtual keyboard
5. Press Shift and then Ctrl key to enable the keys
6. Press the blank area below the band selection box to open the Unlock tool
7. Press Shift and then Ctrl to disable the keys
8. Enter the 8-digit Unlock code provided and press Ok to finish

You'll need to wait approx 5-10 seconds for the device to validate the Unlock code. You will then see one of the following messages:

A. 'Unlock successful' -> Your phone is unlocked.
B. 'Unlock failed' due to incorrect code. You have three attempts to unlock the HP phone. After three attempts, the phone will refuse any more unlocking attempts. You need to perform a soft reset to reset the counter to make any additional attempts
C. 'Device not ready for unlocking'. This error message is displayed when the you try to unlock when the phone's not in a 'steady state'. It takes 30 seconds after turning on the phone for it to reach a 'steady state'

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