Unlocking the Nokia 1006

Nokia Cable Unlocking Service

This model has a Cable option or Code option.

Nokia Cable Unlocking Service

1. Download the Nokia Unlock Server Software and USB Drivers

- Nokia USB Cable Drivers - Install these first or your PC will not see your phone.
- Nokia Unlock Server Software - This is to unlock your phone.

NOTE: The unlocking software is 'THEMIDIA PROTECTED' and may be blocked by your antivirus as a threat, but please don't worry the software is perfectly safe. Simply disable your anti virus and re-download again, or restore from antivirus quarantine.

2. Check the Nokia Drivers Are Installed

- Remove sim and memory cards from phone.
- Turn your phone on and Connect it to PC using a standard USB.
- If prompted, make sure you select PC Suite or Ovi Suite on your phone.
- Let windows install all driver automatically

3. Unlocking your Nokia

- Enter your username and password from the email you received from us after your purchase into the server software.
- Simply click the [Phones] button
- Choose your phone and click the [Connect] button
- After the hash has been read, hash will be send for bruteforcing automatically
- To view your current bruteforce queue and latest bruteforced phones, click [Jobs]
- When the bruteforcing finished, you can again click [Phones] button
- Connect your phone, and now the [Connect] button resets the NCK counters and writes the level 7 NCK for permanently unlocking the phone


In the unlikely event your phone hangs during the unlocking process above, the chances are it's a particular chipset and it may need a 'nudge' to get it to continue. If this is the case and at that stage, please do the following:

- Disconnect the cable
- Remove the battery
- Reconnect the cable
- Put the battery back in
- Turn on the phone ( It may auto power on after inserting the battery )

Please note: When you do this, windows might want to install drivers, if so, please let it complete before starting the process again.

Please note: this software only works on Windows computers

Nokia 1006

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