Unlocking the Sharp ADS1

How to enter the Unlocking Code for a Sharp Model phone

Sharp Models

1. From the main front screen enter * 0 1 7 6 3 * 6 3 7 1 #
2. The phone will then switch back to the main screen
3. Press the 'M' button
4. Scroll to 'Settings' and press 'Select'
5. Scroll to 'Security' and press 'Select'
6. Scroll to 'MEP locks' and press 'Select'
7. Next enter your Handset Code (the default code is 0000) and press Ok
8. Scroll to 'Network' and press 'Select'
9. Scroll to 'Deactivate' and press 'Select'
10. Enter the Unlock Code provided and press Ok
11. The phone should then display 'DONE' and be unlocked.

Sharp ADS1

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