Unlocking the ZTE Z917

How to enter the Unlocking Code for a ZTE Model phone

ZTE Models

1. Turn on the phone with a non accepted SIM Card, IE one it's not locked to
2. Enter the Unlock Code provided.

Code Examples:

The code(s) we send you will usually be a list as shown below:

NCK: 123714642204
BO3: 51234253
BO4: 78123165
NEW131: 151559912364
NEW151: 12781232
SPCK: 123823782321

The reason we send you more than one is that different versions of hardware within the phone require different algorithms to generate the unlocking code.
Please start with the first one ( NCK ) and slowly work your way through them, ( NCK, then BO3, then BO4 etc etc )

ZTE Z917

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